Black History Month assembly at 奥杜邦小学

奥杜邦小学 explored Black History Month with an all-school assembly. Fourth graders read biographies of notable Black leaders, scholars, artists and athletes that they researched and wrote. The school also welcomed special guest speakers from 华盛顿湖高中美国黑人学生会.


True crime is one of the most popular forms of entertainment found in books, tv shows, 电影和播客. At 树线中学 (TMS), one class is combining this genre with learning science skills.


This year, elementary students from 22 different bbin体育官网 schools will be engaged in a program that aims to engage students in reading. The 神奇阅读挑战 kicks of the week of February 6 with in-school challenges.




    Teacher helping student on laptop in computer lab.

    Applications for highly capable testing are now closed. We thank all families for considering our programs.


    Our Highly Capable/Quest programs offer accelerated and enhanced instructional opportunities to students who have been identified as highly capable. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of our highly capable learners by providing services and instruction beyond the scope of the general education classroom. 

    A highly capable learner is defined by the state of Washington as a “student who has been assessed to have superior intellectual ability as demonstrated by one or more…multiple criteria.” Our Program uses both cognitive and academic performance data to determine a student’s highly capable eligibility. 

    We are proud to offer programs and services which are designed to meet the needs of our highly capable learners through: 

    • Enrichment and extension of academic and intellectual skill;
    • Stimulation of intellectual curiosity, independence and responsibility; 
    • Acceleration and enrichment of content to meet student learning needs; and 
    • Development of advanced critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills through the lens of local and global citizenship

    As you explore our website, you will encounter these terms:

    • 加速项目 -bbin体育官网整个部门的名字. This includes all of the programs and services from grades K-12 including Quest and Advanced Placement (AP).
    • 高能力(HiCap) - Washington state's official term for any student receiving services for gifted education.
    • Quest - Specific category of programs within 加速项目 in which students receive services. Quest programs are: Full Time Quest (FTQ), 抽出任务(POQ), 中学探索(MSQ), 和K-5 HiCap (K5HC).

    Interested in learning more about the programs? Please watch the video below by our 加速项目 team for more information.