Black History Month assembly at 奥杜邦小学

奥杜邦小学 explored Black History Month with an all-school assembly. Fourth graders read biographies of notable Black leaders, scholars, artists and athletes that they researched and wrote. The school also welcomed special guest speakers from 华盛顿湖高中美国黑人学生会.


True crime is one of the most popular forms of entertainment found in books, tv shows, 电影和播客. At 树线中学 (TMS), one class is combining this genre with learning science skills.


This year, elementary students from 22 different bbin体育官网 schools will be engaged in a program that aims to engage students in reading. The 神奇阅读挑战 kicks of the week of February 6 with in-school challenges.




    bbin体育官网 is currently hiring paraeducators.

    Paraeducators make an important difference in the lives of our students.

    Paraeducator responsibilities include:

    • Individual and small-group instructional support for students who have physical, 行为或医疗需求
    • Encouraging and helping students working on assignments and projects
    • Helping students develop living and behavioral skills
    • Supervising and assisting students in classrooms, the library, 资源的房间, 独立的教室, playgrounds, etc.
    • Supporting students’ health care needs
    • Click this link for a complete job description


    • Support and coach students, and make a lasting difference in their lives
    • Form strong relationships with students, teachers and families
    • Work in a supportive team environment
    • 获得有竞争力的薪酬, contributions to Washington State’s retirement system and benefits (for employees working 4+ hours a day)

    Which schools have Paraeducator openings?

    • bbin体育官网 currently has Paraeducator openings in elementary, middle and high schools
    • For a complete list of open positions and to apply, see the 在线申请 system

    What qualifications are required to become a Paraeducator?

    • Washington State requires Paraeducators to have ONE of the following:
    • Haven't met one of requirements above?


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